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About Us | Entertainment, Satire, News Parody and more

CNNX - Comedy Now Network News

Urban Entertainment News, Satire, Politics, Media

CNNX News was created for entertainment purposes only which is by no means that will offend. Our website and social networking content uses fictional stories, names, except in installments of public figure and celebrity parody or satire. Some other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

The information with this website, including graphics, text, and also other unspecified elements are Copyright CNNX Images and content entirely on website are not originals of celebrities are already altered for parody and are of fair use.

For media inquiries, comments, or website issues, please call us

For image or content copyright, please email us: When possible, please incorporate a url to infringing content in order that material might be reviewed or, if needed, immediately removed.

Post by cnnxnews (2015-10-26 05:06)

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